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Live your LIFE to its fullest with California LASIK & Eye's Lens Implant Focussing Enhancement (LIFE).

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Why Cataract Removal Surgery?

Whether you desire clear, all-distance vision without glasses or don’t mind using over-the-counter readers for perfect near vision, Dr. Barnett and his team at California LASIK & Eye have a customized solution for you.

Why Choose California LASIK & Eye.

Dr. Barnett is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and prides himself on providing transformative, up-to-date, safe, and effective treatments. He’s committed to achieving your visual goals. Prior to forming California LASIK & Eye, Brad was a professor of cornea and refractive surgery at Duke.

“Excellent Doctor. Performed PRK on me, which made my vision go to 20/20. Highly recommend.”

- Amrit S.Google Reviews

Live Your Best LIFE

(Lens Implant Focusing Enhancement)

Live your life to its fullest with California LASIK & Eye’s Lens Implant Focusing Enhancement (LIFE). We have 3 great paths to clearer vision with cataract surgery:

  • Clarity – clear vision with glasses at all times.
  • Street Legal – drive without glasses.
  • Forever Young – clear vision without glasses!

Curious about the technology?

Watch the video below.

Three paths to new vision through Cataract Surgery.

Live your life to its fullest with California LASIK & Eye’s Lens Implant Focusing Enhancement (LIFE) solutions- Clarity, Street Legal, and Forever Young. 


Our first option is covered by medical insurance in full (with exception of your copay) and will give you Clarity of vision when you are wearing glasses at all distances.

Street Legal

Our second option, Street Legal, comes with a guarantee of the ability to drive without glasses. This is achieved by using a combination of lasers and custom lenses to put the eyeglass prescription you would need to wear into your eye. With your eyes perfectly focused at distance, the use of over-the-counter reading glasses will give you ultra-crisp near vision.

Forever Young

The third option, Forever Young, restores your ability to see at all distances forever. Using a combination of lasers and revolutionary multifocal and extended depth-of-focus lenses we can restore your ability to read and drive without glasses in most settings.

More Info About Cataract Removal Surgery

Download Cataract Patient Forms

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Cataract Surgery Form + Packages

Surgery Center Information

The process and procedure steps.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from your cataract removal surgery:

Before Surgery

  • We begin with a standard eye exam
  • We will get an understanding of the shape and size of your eyes
  • We’ll identify the right lens implant for your eyes

The Surgery

  • We’ll numb your eyes with drops (no needles!)
  • We’ll implement the solution we’ve determined is the best for you (varies)
  • You’ll spend some time in the recovery room before going home

What to expect in the results.

Most patients experience blurriness and soreness after the procedure which will reduce greatly 24-48 hours after the procedures, with full healing time taking anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

Is Cataract surgery safe?

Absolutely! Cataract removal surgery is an incredibly low risk operation.

Dr. Bradley Barnett, MD, PhD has been noticed as one of the Best Cataract Surgeons in America for 2022.

Learn more about this great honor by clicking here.

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