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Our Mission

At California LASIK & Eye, we use advanced techniques and technology to make sure you look, feel, and see your best! In all the eye rejuvenation we perform, from vision correction to eye area skincare, we stand by three pillars of our client experience:

  • Our Collaboration means we partner with you to explore your specific goals.
  • Our Expertise means you can rest assured we know what you need and how to deliver it.
  • Our Compassion means we’ll always put your experience and results above all else.
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Our Services

We’re proud to offer a wide range of client-centered services for your unique eye and face needs. Every procedure that our skilled team of experts performs is driven by the same goal — to enhance your quality of life.


From corrective laser surgery to eyesight-improving implantable contact lenses, California LASIK & Eye is your trusted source for modern vision solutions! We’ll learn about you and your lifestyle, and then match you with the enhanced vision that best meets your needs.

Vision Correction Equipment

Eye Care

There are a lot of common conditions that are just as detrimental to your comfort as they are to your eyesight. Whether dry eye is leaving you blurry or drooping eyelids are getting in the way of your everyday life, we have restorative solutions to get you seeing clearly and worry-free.

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We love that every face is unique, and we tailor our cosmetic services specifically to yours. Our team is proud to offer diverse ways to help our clients achieve the natural-looking results of their dreams. We’re here to help you feel more confident in your own skin, however that may be!

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Our Office

Our Sacramento office is a completely modernized facility where you’ll find premium eye rejuvenation in a comfortable, client-focused environment. We can perform everything from consultations to surgeries on-site, perfectly tailored to you.

Our Team

The staff at California LASIK & Eye is led by ophthalmologist Bradley Barnett, M.D., Ph.D., and his partner, aesthetics expert Kristin Barnett, N.P.C. They utilize their combined experience and passion for client advocacy to provide the eyesight and eye-catching looks you’ve always wanted!

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Our Tech

We use state-of-the-art technology to give our clients a comfortable experience and exceptional outcomes. We stay on the cutting edge of vision enhancement and aesthetic treatments — which empowers us to tailor our solutions to your unique needs and lifestyle.


Kareem ElfikyKareem Elfiky
18:27 13 Jan 23
Dr.Barnett is an amazing doctor! I was considering Lasik for a while and went to 4 different consultations in the Sacramento area. My first day meeting Dr.Barnett I knew that he would be my doctor. He is extremely friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, personable, and has huge passion for what he does. He deeply cares about his patients success and will work with them hand in hand every step of the way. I had a ton of questions for him and his staff and they answered all of my many questions with great detail, which built my confidence in the procedure even more.I would rate the entire experience an 11/10. I had my Lasik Surgery less than 24 hours ago and I am already seeing much better than 20/20 . The surgery itself was painless and doctor Barnett explained everything as he was doing it. Completely painless and completely worth it!Thank you Dr.Barnett and your staff as well!!
Steve PhillipsSteve Phillips
00:56 22 Nov 22
I recently had cataract surgery with Dr. Barnett, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I opted for the laser procedure and monofocal toric lenses to correct astigmatism, first on the left eye and a month later on the right. Now, several weeks past the right eye surgery, I am able to read the 20/15 line with each eye. 20/20 is considered excellent. 20/15 is even better. My intermediate vision is also quite good. I only need glasses for close work, which is common for someone of my age.Dr. Barnett also has me on a program to correct my dry eye problem (meibomian gland dysfunction), and it seems to be working well. My vision has not been this clear and crisp for years.Dr. Barnett is very personable, and it is clear that he is passionate about his work and cares about his patients.
Alana de HinojosaAlana de Hinojosa
18:39 11 Oct 22
Dr. Barnett has been an incredibly thorough and generous doctor whose excellent care brought my eyesight to 20/20 after my lasik procedure with him. I immediately knew that I wanted Dr. Barnett to be my doctor after my consultation. What stood out to me during that appointment is how he emphasized that once he became my doctor he would consider me his patient from now into the future. His practice, in other words, does not involve one stop procedures but an ongoing relationship between a doctor and his patients. In the month since receiving lasik, I can say that this has been absolutely my experience and I expect it to continue in the months and years ahead. I absolutely recommend him to those considering lasik. Not simply for the important reasons I’ve just outlined, but also because the staff is lovely and Kristen Barnett, Dr. Barnett’s wife, is a cosmetic specialist whose work has left my skin feeling refreshed and young! Kristen, Dr. Barnett, and their staff are a great team who offer excellent services.
Naz KhanNaz Khan
07:03 07 Oct 22
This man took incredible care of my husband. After our daughter scratched his eye in a fit about not reading more books, my husband didn't know how to get relief from the pain, with Type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Dr. Barnett showed compassion, competence, and committed service to help my husband recover. When one solution didn't work out, he accepted my husband on short notice and went above and beyond to give another solution that is now providing relief. He does not worry about inconvenience. He is a man of definite purpose and is doing what he loves as he knows (and is right in that) it is of value to society. NUMBER #1!!!
John SandersJohn Sanders
18:13 23 Feb 22
Dr. Barnett performed my cataract surgery and lens replacement and I am very pleased with the results! Like most people I was very nervous and apprehensive about having surgery on my eyes but Dr. Barnett and his staff were very good about explaining everything throughout the process and insuring that I was very comfortable at all times. It was an easy and painless procedure.At Dr. Barnett's recommendation I was fitted with Vivity lenses and I'm very happy with the choice. Before I could not drive, watch TV or read at intermediate distance without glasses, but now I can do all those things without.I have now recommend my friends and family consult with Dr. Barnett before considering cataract or Lasik surgery and would highly recommend him.

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