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Comprehensive Eye Rejuvenation:
Vision Enhancement, Eyelid & Brow Restoration, Facial Revitalization & More

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Our Practice

At California LASIK & Eye, everything we do is in support of our clients’ well-being and confidence. Whether we’re providing premier vision correction, advanced eye care services or the latest aesthetic treatments, we strive to deliver the most outstanding experience and results by standing by our three pillars:

  • Collaboration — We’ll be your partner in exploring and achieving your goals.
  • Expertise — We’ll make you confident that we know what’s best and how to provide it.
  • Compassion — We’ll always make your comfort and outcomes our top priority.

Our Team

The professionals in our office care deeply about giving our clients the best results possible. Our staff are true experts in their field and have a passion for one thing: bringing you the clear vision and healthy skin you’ve always wanted. We’re independent: that makes you the boss!

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Our Location

To provide our exceptional level of care, our aesthetics and laser eye surgery center is client-focused and has everything we need to take your treatment to the next level. We’re proud to be your easy-to-reach Sacramento home for eye care, skincare and more.

California LASIK & Eye in Sacramento, California

Our Technology

We elevate our care by only using state-of-the-art equipment and treatment technology for your eyes and face. Our in-house operating room is equipped with the industry’s most trusted tools, so we can perform everything from filler injections to eye surgeries right in the office.

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What Makes Us Different?

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Our Story

Dr. Bradley Barnett, M.D., Ph. D., and his partner, aesthetician Kristin Barnett, N.P.C., combined their expertise in ophthalmology and skin care to create California LASIK & Eye. The practice was founded on the belief that lifechanging surgical vision correction, restorative eye care and revitalizing aesthetics should be both accessible and personalized. From there, they built a team of professionals who share their dedication to helping clients achieve results that inspire self-confidence and boost their quality of life.

Our Mission

We never settle for less than the best, because we believe wholeheartedly that’s what our clients deserve. This commitment shines through in how we collaborate with our clients to understand exactly what they’d like improved, leverage our expertise to customize their solutions and commit ourselves to compassion every step of the way.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to be not only satisfied, but amazed — and we’ll bend over backwards to make that happen!

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A Practice You Can Trust

From the start, we wanted to be worthy of your trust, and a large part of that has been ensuring our own independence. That’s not only so we can provide our high quality of care at our own pace, whether that’s being efficient with your appointment or taking extra time: it’s also so we can always give unbiased advice. Whether we’re discussing pricing or if a service is right for you, we’ll give you the same answers we’d give our family members or close friends.

Your loyalty is what makes our work worthwhile — and you deserve our full transparency so you can always know you’re in the best hands.