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Complete Care for Eye Floaters
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What Are Eye Floaters?

“Eye floaters” is a catch-all term for specks, strings, lines or cobwebs that appear in your vision. All of these are actually shadows caused by small, cloudy particles that are in the vitreous fluid of your eye. Typically, they aren’t a serious sign for concern, and they usually fade over time.

Are Floaters in Your Vision Becoming Bothersome?

While you usually won’t need to worry about eye floaters, there are instances where you should visit us to ensure everything is healthy and functioning properly. Schedule a visit as soon as possible if you notice a sudden increase in new eye floaters, or if a grey filter or curtain appears to cover your sight. These can be the sign of a serious eye condition, like retinal detachment.

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What Is Laser Vitreolysis?

Laser vitreolysis is a pain-free, non-invasive procedure that can remove visual signs of floaters in a simple outpatient visit. During the procedure, our team will use short bursts of low-energy laser light to eliminate and reduce blemishes in your eye’s vitreous fluid.

Who is a Candidate for Vitreolysis?

If your vision is hindered by persistent moving shadows in your line of sight, you’d likely be a great candidate for laser vitreolysis. Factors like your age, symptoms and type of floaters can all affect your candidacy, and Dr. Barnett will determine whether you’re eligible during a consultation.

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Why Choose Us for Floaters?

California LASIK & Eye has a proven track record of rejuvenating our clients’ vision. Dr. Barnett has the skill and technology needed to correct floaters in your eyesight and enhance your quality of life.

Dr. Barnett and His Team

Dr. Bradley Barnett has years of experience helping clients see the world more clearly. No matter what’s affecting your vision, he’ll find the best course of action to restore your eyesight to a clear state.

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Our State-of-the-Art Technology

To improve our services for our clients, we’re constantly investing in our technology to provide better results and smoother recovery times.

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Our Convenient and Comfortable Location

We have everything needed to fix floaters in your vision at our easily accessible Sacramento location.

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