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Our Approach to Cataract Surgery

At California LASIK & Eye, we believe in providing enhanced vision and aesthetic confidence for all our clients with our premium cataract eye surgery offerings. Through this simple procedure, our dedicated team will work to revitalize your vision and reduce your dependence on eyewear to provide you with the eyesight you’ve always desired!

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Learn More About Cataract

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What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s clear natural lens that usually develops as you age. Because they develop slowly over time, you often won’t notice any symptoms of at first. However, if left untreated, cataracts can eventually lead to more life altering symptoms like vision loss, and laser cataract surgery is the only way to truly correct the issue.

Symptoms and Risk Factors:

As your cataracts begin to worsen, you may start to experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Double vision
  • Halos around bright lights
  • Difficulty seeing at night or in low light
  • Blurry vision
  • Less vibrant colors
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Treatment of Cataract

At first, we can correct your vision using a combination of glasses and specialty supplements. However, as your cataracts continue to worsen, they’ll impair your eyesight to the point where laser cataract surgery is necessary to restore your eyesight. During the surgery, our team will eliminate your cloudy vision by removing your cataract-affected lens and replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

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The Premium IOL Difference

With our advanced IOL offerings, we’re not only able to correct your eyesight, we can enhance it too! Our premium IOLs can correct certain types of eye conditions and even reduce or eliminate your need for eyewear.

Before Cataract Surgery

While you may be able to manage with cataracts in their early stages, they’ll eventually hamper your vision and lead to vision loss.

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After Standard Cataract Surgery

Standard cataract eye surgery will restore your vision to its original state and prevent your eyes from developing cataracts in the future.

After cataract surgery

After Cataract Surgery with a Premium IOL

If you’d like to improve your eyesight beyond what it was like before you had cataracts, ask our team about our premium IOL offerings. These IOLs are designed to enhance your vision and reduce or even eliminate your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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The Future of IOL Surgery: Light Adjustable Lenses

A light adjustable lens (LAL) is a revolutionary piece of technology that lets clients customize their vision after their cataract surgery to ensure they’re always seeing the best they can! Light adjustable lenses are completely modular and are made with a special material that provides improved visual clarity.

Meet Our Award-Winning Cataract Surgeon

Our lead surgeon and founder is Bradley Barnett, M.D., Ph.D., who started his career in ophthalmology out of a desire to help more people. He believes in becoming a mutual partner with each and every patient on their journey to better sight. In addition to his skill in LASIK and other laser eye surgeries, Dr. Barnett is also an award-winning cataract surgery provider recently rated as 2023’s Best Cataract Surgeon.

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