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What Is Refractive Lens Exchange?

As we age, our eyes’ natural lenses become stiff, making it difficult to focus on nearby objects. This condition is known as presbyopia, and it’s why we often need reading glasses as we grow older. Refractive lens exchange (RLE) is a procedure we use to replace your aging natural lens with an artificial one, known as an intraocular lens (IOL), to enhance your eyesight.

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RLE Eye Surgery vs. Other Procedures

Refractive lens exchange is a great solution for patients who want clearer eyesight but aren’t candidates for LASIK or other corrective vision surgeries. Benefits of RLE include improved or even enhanced eyesight, reduced dependency on eyewear, and protection from cataracts developing in the future. RLE also leaves your eye’s cornea intact, which helps you avoid complications such as dry eye symptoms.

Am I a Candidate for RLE Surgery?

Most likely, yes! RLE surgery is an excellent choice for many clients but is especially effective for older clients who have nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) and want to permanently improve their vision.

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Light Adjustable Lenses and Other Premium IOL Options

Light adjustable lenses (LALs) are a recently developed IOL technology. These lenses are able to be customized after their surgery, allowing patients to change aspects of their vision to suit their needs. With LALs, we can adjust the lens in your eye, without discomfort, for a completely tailored vision solution.

Is RLE Surgery Safe?

Yes, especially when you’re in the hands of an expert like Dr. Bradley Barnett! The procedure for RLE is extremely similar to cataract surgery, one of the safest and most common surgeries performed today. While complications are rare, Dr. Barnett can go over any concerns in detail during a consultation.

What Happens During the Procedure?

During RLE, Dr. Barnett will use a laser to remove your eye’s aging natural lens and replace it with a standard or premium IOL. Dr. Barnett will give you numbing drops or an anesthetic to ensure you don’t feel any pain, though you might feel some slight pressure. The surgery itself is a quick, outpatient procedure, and Dr. Barnett can tell you exactly what to expect during a consultation.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Clients are typically able to return to their everyday activities a day or two after having RLE surgery. You may feel a scratchy sensation in your eyes for a few days to even a few weeks after the surgery, along with temporary blurred vision, halos around lights or glare, but these side effects are completely normal and will fade as your eyes continue to heal.

What Can You Expect from the Results?

Some clients will notice immediate vision improvement, but others may need a few days to weeks for their eyes to recover and vision clarity to return. Once your eyes have fully healed, you can enjoy clearer vison — or even enhanced eyesight with our premium IOL offerings! Dr. Barnett is happy to discuss the details of what you can expect during your consultation.
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Dr. Barnett Answers Common Questions About RLE Surgery

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Why Choose Us for RLE Surgery?

We understand how important clear vision is, which is why we believe in going the extra mile for every one of our clients to get them the eyesight they deserve. California LASIK & Eye has a proven track record of success performing RLE and other vision correction surgeries, and our team has a well-earned reputation for compassionate care.

Dr. Barnett and His Team

Dr. Barnett and our incredible support team are here to make sure every aspect of your care is as comfortable as it is effective. You can count on us to be your partners on your journey to clear vision.

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Our State-of-the-Art Technology

We use cutting-edge equipment in all aspects of our practice in order to provide clients with the best results and fast recovery periods.

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Our Convenient and Comfortable Location

Our modern Sacramento office is conveniently located and designed with the client in mind for all of your eye care, vision correction and aesthetic needs.

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