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Our Approach to ICL Surgery

At California LASIK & Eye, we’re focused on providing our patients with better vision and confidence through custom treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Our ICL surgeon and expert team will work with you to help you see your best through our incredible implantable contact lens, which can help you enjoy life without a reliance on eyewear.

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Learn More About ICLs

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What Are ICLs and How Do They Work?

Implantable contact lenses (ICLs) can help fix refractive errors that impair your vision, including myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. The EVO ICL is intended to provide permanent vision correction, but it can be removed or upgraded by your surgeon, giving you conveniently enhanced vision that frees you from your eyewear!

How Is ICL Surgery Performed?

During the procedure, our ICL surgeon will start by giving you anesthetic drops and other medications to ensure you won’t feel any pain. They’ll then make a small incision in which the ICL will be inserted. The entire surgery typically takes about 20 minutes, and you’ll be able to return home the same day.

The EVO ICL, the Future of ICL Surgery, is Here!

Unlike other vision correction options, the EVO ICL allows you to correct common vision issues like myopia without removing any corneal tissue. The lens is also removable, so you can always swap it out with another corrective solution should your vision needs change.

How is the EVO ICL Lens Procedure Performed?

Vision correction with the EVO ICL is an outpatient procedure that typically takes 20 to 30 minutes. After an initial exam with your ophthalmologist to determine that the EVO ICL is right for you, you will schedule your procedure. On the day of the procedure, your eyes will be numbed with an anesthetic eye drop and your refractive surgeon will implant the ICL between the iris (colored part of the eye) and the natural lens. Your surgeon will likely schedule a follow-up appointment the same day as the procedure.

Can the EVO ICL Lens be Removed?

Yes; the EVO ICL is intended to provide permanent vision correction, but it can be removed or upgraded by your surgeon.

Will I be Able to Feel the EVO ICL Lens?

No, patients should not feel the lens as it does not adhere to any structures within the eye and does not move once in place.

Will Other People be Able to See the EVO ICL Lens?

No, the EVO lens is placed behind your iris where only your eye doctor will be able to detect it.

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Dr. Barnett Answers Common ICL Surgery Questions

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Why Choose Us for ICL Surgery?

The compassionate team at California LASER & Eye has the expertise needed to get you the premium vision you deserve.

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The professionals in our office care deeply about giving our clients the best results possible. Our staff are true experts in their field and have a passion for one thing: bringing you the clear vision and healthy skin you’ve always wanted. We’re independent: that makes you the boss!

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Our State of The Art Tech!

We elevate our care by only using state-of-the-art equipment and treatment technology for your eyes and face. Our in-house operating room is equipped with the industry’s most trusted tools, so we can perform everything from filler injections to eye surgeries right in the office.

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Our Convenient and Comfortable Location!

To provide our exceptional level of care, our aesthetics, and laser eye surgery center is client-focused and has everything we need to take your treatment to the next level. We’re proud to be your easy-to-reach Sacramento home for eye care, skincare, and more.

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